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In Barcelona, a rest of the old city gets into the Mediterranean like a wedge between the urban beach and the new nautical port, resisting in its own way the attacks of real estate development.

The sailor-spirited streets of La Barceloneta lie beneath the shadow casted by apartments where you can still see clothes hanging in the balconies and recognize new neighbors because they “don’t know how to hang it properly”. With the quiet denouncing spirit of people who aware they’ll probably loose, the defending neighbors of La Barceloneta tell their life stories and prepare the annual festivity, which is celebrated in the Calle de los Pescadores and depends less of the City’s bureaucracy than of the good will of those who live there. These retired women can still provoke a smile, and they know every nook of the neighborhood,because they have lived in it.

This film makes the difficult seem easy: capturing the essence of something that is vanishing, between the memories

of sailor legends and the premonition of an advancing modernity.